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Baby not sleeping? We can help.

So your baby’s not sleeping? Or perhaps she is, but she’s waking more frequently than you would like?

You are not alone. Let's face it, caring for a new baby can be the most exhausting thing in the history of exhaustion. That's where Sleep School comes in.

Sleep School supports parents who are still getting to know their babies, connecting them with experts who can help them understand what's 'normal' — and improve what's not.

Every parent is different, with their own sensitivities when it comes to caring for their baby. And of course, every baby is different, too. With this in mind, our experts can work with you to tweak your baby's routine and 'debug' those sleep challenges. Then everyone can get some more shut-eye!

Meet our sleep experts

Chris Minogue early childhood nurse

Chris Minogue

Chris Minogue is a much-loved mothercraft nurse with over 30 years of experience in providing care and support for parents of newborns, infants and toddlers. Chris appears weekly on Helpline on our podcast, Feed Play Love and has solved hundreds of sleep issues for listeners. Chris is the author of Bringing Baby Home.

Jo Ryan sleep expert

Jo Ryan

Jo Ryan was a Registered Nurse for nearly 20 years, with much of that time spent working in paediatrics. As well as being a Registered Nurse, Jo has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Public Health and has recently completely a year of Infant Mental Health Advanced Training.  Jo is also the author of BabyBliss, Australia’s must-have guide to sleeping, settling and establishing routines for your baby.

Karina Lane sleep expert

Karina Lane

Karina Lane is a mum of four, postnatal doula, parenting educator, psychology graduate and parenting coach. She is the founder of Mum Friday and has helped hundreds of mums and dads resolve their sleep issues and enjoy parenting with less stress and more magic. Karina is known for her message of gentle, responsive (and realistic!) parenting.

Need help getting baby to sleep better?

Need some specific advice from a sleep expert who's going to help you tackle your particular sleep challenges? You can book a one-on-one session with a sleep expert to help you (and bub) get a good night's sleep.

It's easy! Just follow our three simple steps:

  • Schedule a session with your favourite sleep expert
  • Fill out our short questionnaire so we know what your sleep challenges are before your session
  • Start sleeping better


Not sure what you need? Email us at and we can explain how the expert consultations work.

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Your baby's sleep basics - 0-6 months

newborn baby sleeping

newborn - 8 weeks

Sleep facts about your baby
  • Adult sleep cycle lasts around 90 minutes, but a baby's cycle is much shorter, lasting 20 to 50 minutes.
  • Babies lapse into rapid eye movement (REM) sleep - also called active sleep - almost as soon as they doze off and they spend much more time in this REM sleep than adults do.
  • Active sleep is thought to boost brain development and optimise oxygen levels - which it's suggested may help protect against SIDS.

View your newborn - 8 weeks baby sleep routine

2 month old baby sleeping in mother's arms

8 - 16 weeks 

Sleep facts about your baby
  • During pregnancy, a mother’s circadian rhythm and melatonin governs her growing baby’s night-day cycles and optimises baby’s development.  But after baby is born, they have to learn how to do this all by themselves – and it can take some time! 
  • Babies who sleep less than their cohort usually self-correct their sleep habits as they grow older.
  • During the first six months of life, the most significant developments in sleep organisation happen - during this time, babies are hard at work learning how to sleep.

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baby asleep in cot

16 - 24 weeks

Sleep facts about your baby
  • Babies under 6 months don't have the brain function which inhibits the movement of muscles in their arms and legs during sleep. This is why they can wriggle around a LOT during sleep. In their second 6 months of life, the brain begins to develop this function. 
  • Babies in active sleep may even open their eyes and appear to be awake. But they are actually still dozing! 
  • Babies’ sleep cycles contain plenty of non-dreaming, restorative deep sleep. This sort of sleep begins to decline in the teenage years. 

View your 16 - 24 weeks baby sleep routine

About Sleep School

Sleep School combines qualified experts, the latest research and real-life experience to help parents develop a sleep routine that suits their baby, their lifestyle and their own unique approach to parenting.

Covering everything from sleep regression and cat-napping, to wakeful nights and cluster feeding, Sleep School’s one-on-one baby sleep consultations can untangle these challenges — and many others — to arm tired parents with strategies designed to turn things around.

Sleep School provides answers, information, support, and compassionate, practical advice during one of life’s biggest transformations - becoming a parent.

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